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Alzheimer’s Disease: Time to Take a Closer Look

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Wall-mounted Electrical Fireplace Fire places Manual

Wall-mounted Power Fire Fireplaces Information

Vitamin D is nutritional key for prevention of breast cancer

How to run a web server on your own PC

Kinect Conditioning Video Games Comparison

The Value Of Natural Vitamins When Dieting

Lineup of speakers for TEDCity2.0, unveiled

Working Fathers Need Balance, Too

Sebelius: We’re Open to ‘Uniquely Texan’ Approach

UCLA researcher invents new tools to manage ‘information overload’ threatening neuroscience

Some Trade Links, and Today’s “Shamelessly Pandering Congressman” Exhibit

California Health Interview Survey releases new 2011-12 data on health of Californians

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s Turn on Marijuana

Eminent Domain for a Soccer Stadium?

Copyright Terms in the TPP: Too Long, or Way Too Long?

Treating the diagnosis rather than the individual: A look at the increase in recognized disorders and prescriptions

Happy Gulf of Tonkin Anniversary (and Thanks, NSA, for Lying about It for 40 Years)!

Harvard Health Policy Review on the IRS’s Illegal ObamaCare Taxes

Quick Action to Aid Refugees in Uganda

Can Jeff Bezos and John Henry Teach Old Media New Tricks?

Eleanor Longden’s selections for further reading on voice hearing

The Political Revolution Made by Margaret Thatcher

Millennial Women Aren’t Opting Out; They’re Doubling Down

My emotional world, externalized: Jon Ronson talks to Eleanor Longden

A Question That Can Change Your Life

Making loans and transforming lives in Pakistan

Everything you ever wanted to know about voice hearing (but were too afraid to ask)

Emerging-Market Engineers Power Global Innovation

Landsat and Beyond: Sustaining and Enhancing the Nation’s Land Imaging Program

Anemic Business Investment Indicts U.S. Policies

The Building Blocks of Successful Corporate Information Technology

Govt. Will Continue To Pay For Capitol Hill Staffer Health Coverage, But Mostly In Exchanges

Sizing Up Health Law Politics And Policies

Democratic Opposition To Cost-Cutting Board Gains Momentum

Start-Up Company Specializes In Reducing Hospital Readmission Rates

12 Insurers Sign Contracts For California Exchange – But One Plan Opts Out

In California, Latinos Are Focus Of Effort To Raise Awareness About The Health Law

Viewpoints: Fears Of Health Law’s Adverse Selection; GOP’s ‘Fundamental Miscalculation;’ Special Deal For Congress Keeps Dissent Low

State Highlights: Battle Over Brooklyn Hospital’s Fate Widens In Court

WellCare’s Profits Up; Consumer Complaints Resolved With Social Media

News story: Prime Minister’s Q&A at Global Radio in Manchester

Does Your Company Need an Instagram Storefront?

How Quirky Startup Names Became an Internet Aesthetic

How a Virtuous Housing Circle Turned Vicious

First Edition: August 8, 2013

Health Insurers Tune In To Twitter For Customer Service

How To Teach A Weimaraner

5 African artists who are “learning from the past” in their work

News story: Prime Minister announces £500 million to relieve pressures on A&E

Give the Economy a Deregulatory Stimulus

Why Weight Watchers Can’t Ignore the Call to Go "Free"

Climate Rehash

How Obama Opened the Door for Millions to Defraud Taxpayers

News story: Eid 2013: David Cameron wishes Muslims around the world Eid Mubarak

Click Your Fortune: TED-Ed’s choose-your-own-adventure look at career options

Making a Market in Education

Since the TED Talk: Giles Duley launches “100 Portraits Before I Die”

To Move Ahead You Have to Know What to Leave Behind

Phil Hansen channels your stories of limitations into art

Obama’s Housing Speech: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Strategic Humor: Cartoons from the September 2013 Issue

Positioning Synthetic Biology to Meet the Challenges of the 21st Century: Summary Report of a Six Academies Symposium Series

Adapting to climate change in Pakistan

An Historic Day in Mali

Twenty-second Interim Report of the Committee on Acute Exposure Guideline Levels

Some States Say They Won’t Enforce The Health Law’s Insurance Reforms

Romney Warns Against Linking Efforts To Undo Health Law To Govt. Shutdown Threat

State Highlights: Wis. AG Says Hospitals Can’t Deny Admitting Privileges To Abortion Docs

Political Cartoon: ‘Bail Out?’

CDC: Some States Report Decreasing Rates Of Childhood Obesity

Viewpoints: Obamacare Isn’t A ‘Job-Killing’ Law; Hometown Insurer Aetna Pulls Out Of Conn. Exchange

Mostashari Steps Down From Top Federal Health IT Post

IG Report: Security Testing For Obamacare Data Hub Behind Schedule

TED News in Brief: Jeff Bezos buys The Washington Post, Alex Odundo plans a makerspace in Kenya

If Your Leader Departs, Preserve the Company’s Story First

Chewing Gum Helps You Sustain Vigilance in a Long Task

Advertising’s Big Data Dilemma

First Edition: August 7, 2013

My Place CT – Connecticut’s Plan For Long-Term Care

UCLA prostate cancer research program receives $11.6 million federal grant

Responding When Your Expertise Is Challenged

“State in 60 Seconds Video” — Public Affairs

What About “Zero-for-$3 billion-a-Year”?

Sovereign Currency Populism versus Dollarized Populism

Move Beyond Enterprise IT to an API Strategy

25 songs to celebrate innovators: A Spotify playlist inspired by TEDWomen

TEDWomen 2013: Invented Here. Registration now open.

One More Breaking Bad Trailer To Tide You Over Until Sunday

Bowler’s Perfect Game Snatched Away By Lane Malfunction

Riley Cooper Returns To Team, Practices

Candle Magic: An Aspect To Spell Casting

Consequences Of Marathon Functioning On Your Heart

Data On Tv Uplink And Broadcasting

The Apple Apple Iphone Four

Understanding Well Being Insurance Coverage Reform

Healthcare Alarm Unexpected Emergency Alert Button

Turn Out To Be Much More Alert And Smarter With Piracetam

Job Alter Alert: Make Rapid Turnover Work For You