Coopers Beach Is One Of The Best Beaches In America

With beautiful sight, pristine white sand and convenient parking facilities Southampton’s Coopers Beach has been chosen as one of the best beaches in America.  This has been chosen as the best beach in an annual survey conducted. According to the director of Florida International University, Dr. Leatherman,  New York has some of the best beaches in the world, but people are unaware of it.

Coopers Beach has made it to number one position among the other contenders and this is the first time when something like this has happened with New York. According to Leatherman, it is because of the quality of the water, cleanliness, facilities  and safety. Maine beach is also one of the good beaches and it makes to the top place in the list.

Maine beach and Coopers beach both are being considered as one among 10 top beaches of the country. Coopers Beach is really beautiful, and especially the sand the color of water makes it look so beautiful.  Everyone is hoping, now that the beach is in top most place it is our responsibility to keep the beach clean and maintain the facilities and make sure that it is always on top.

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