Pentagon: If You Don’t Let The US Gov’t Spy On Your Network, You Place American Lives At Risk

The whole “cyberterorrism” fear mongering is being taken to even more extreme levels. At the Strategic Command Cyber Symposium, William Lynn III, the deputy defense secretary apparently told the audience that companies who operate critical infrastructure need to let the US install monitoring equipment or it puts everyone at risk. The NSA has apparently developed a monitoring system called Einstein (I wonder if they paid the license fee), and want to let companies “opt-in” to installing the gov’t’s system on their own systems, or face the “wild west” and put everyone at risk. This sounds like blatant fear mongering to let the government tap into all sorts of private infrastructure systems. After all, the government has shown, time and time again, that once it gets access to information, it doesn’t take those whole “oversight” or “privacy rights” issues particularly seriously.

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