Kraft flavored mayo works wonders on any fixer-upper sandwich

Kraft is bolstering its flavored mayonnaise with a dash of star power, courtesy of HGTV Design Star‘s Candice Olson, Genevieve Gorder and Vern Yip. Wel, OK, "star power" is pushing it, but they’re nevertheless the new faces of Kraft’s Sandwich Shop brand, making over humdrum sandwiches in TV spots from mcgarrybowen patterned after reality shows. There’s also a range of print material, including one ad that goes so far as to "deconstruct" the sandwich. For those of you trying to pinpoint the exact spot at which post-modernism died, look no further. The campaign is geared toward bored middle-aged women who look to makeover shows for inspiration, hence Kraft’s repetition of phrases like "go bold by stepping outside the flavor norm," which I can just hear Vern Yip saying with complete sincerity. Not for nothing, but mayonnaise hasn’t inspired much except possibly heart disease, and there’s a real difference between dramatically altering your appearance or living space and eating a BLT that tastes slightly different than before. It may still work, especially considering the amount of money Kraft is putting behind it, but it’s definitely a stretch.

—Posted by David Kiefaber