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One More Breaking Bad Trailer To Tide You Over Until Sunday

Five more days. That’s not so bad, is it? I mean, what’s a 120-plus more hours when you’ve been waiting almost a year? Good thing AMC understands how these waits can hurt, and so, they’ve been releasing balms and salves to tide you over, and even though the wait is almost over, AMC has once again delivered another dose of preview material. Granted, the “Say My Name” trailer is designed to encourage the hunger, as well as temporarily satisfy your cravings, so proceed with caution. Your desire to see the new Breaking Bad may just overwhelm you if you binge:

I’m curious to see if the premiere of Breaking Bad’s final chapter gets close to Sharknado in the tweets per minute category. Considering the show’s not currently being aired, and yet it is still a popular topic of conversation, as in at the time of this writing, it’s quite possible the return of Breaking Bad could be one of those television events that spawns follow-up articles discussing its overwhelming Twitter impact.

If you don’t know by now, you’re probably not interested, but the final episodes of Breaking Bad begin on Sunday at 9 PM Eastern.