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Bowler’s Perfect Game Snatched Away By Lane Malfunction

A perfect 300 in bowling may be one of the hardest feats in sports. I’m lucky to get one strike every five games, and professional bowlers maybe get two strikes per game. One bowler managed to come incredibly close to a perfect game over the weekend, but victory was taken from him at the last moment.

CBS Houston reports that Troy Walker, a competitor in the 2013 Luci Bonneau Doubles tournament, was on a roll with 11 consecutive strikes in his game. During the last frame, he lined up the perfect shot and let the ball loose. It was here that the pent up anger of the bowling gods must have been let loose as the rack came down right before the ball hit the pins. This obviously stopped the ball from completing its holy mission, and Walker was denied his perfect game.

Fortunately, the tournament judges let him try again, but it was too late. Walker’s luck had run out and his last shot only knocked down seven pins. He ended up with an incredible score of 297, but that freak accident most likely cost him a perfect game.

So, what did Walker have to say about his perfect game being snatched away by a rogue rack? He said that he may have robbed himself of a perfect game by resetting the wrong lane before he took to the floor for his final frame. That reset may have sent the rack crashing down on his lane.

Regardless of whose fault it was, he says the story will at least give him “something to talk about.”

Check out the video below to relive what must have a painful experience for all in attendance: