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VoIP picks up and moves to the cloud

By Jack M. Germain, E-Commerce Times
Voice-over-IP technology is getting a makeover, and service providers hope it will reinvent the industry. There’s a shift away from VoIP toward hosted unified communications — that is, integrated voice, instant messenger, e-mail, workflow…

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Technological advances keep Intel’s Atom a contender in handhelds

By Charles King, E-Commerce Times
Intel Atom processor logoIntel’s next-gen Atom processor-based platform (formerly “Moorestown”) caused quite a stir in the news and among mobile computing aficionados. On the technical side, Intel seems to have delivered the goods. The platform includes Intel’s Atom…

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Flash forward: Can Adobe leave Apple behind in the dust?

By David Liu, MacNewsWorld
Adobe top story badgeFlash, sharply rejected by Jobs and Company, has moved on to Apple’s competitors, hoping for a warm welcome and the promise of a place in the mobile market. While Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ recent open letter…

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Two Linux-based text editors reveal a market for Notepad work-alikes

By Jack M. Germain, LinuxInsider
Download gedit text editor for Linux from Fileforum now.

Text editors are becoming more essential in today’s Web-based computing world. Gone are the days when users need hard-copy versions of their documents. Also gone are…

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Second site: Making the Web more accessible to the visually impaired

By Denise J. Deveau, CRM Buyer
Web Accessibility logo (200 px)As the population ages, financial institutions and other service providers will have to learn to adapt their marketing approaches to appeal to a sector that has high disposable income and substantial spending power. In…

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