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Unplugging A Girl From Her iPod

Byron writes:

Reformed “nice guy” here with some feedback and solution to a problem I’ve not yet seen in your experience.
Your blog so succinctly highlights the disparity between what women say they want and what turns them on. A…

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The Unbearable Triteness Of Hating

After three years doing this blog a wearisome predictability in types of hate becomes apparent. The unoriginal uniformity of the hate is its most intriguing feature, as it makes one wonder whether humans come preinstalled with mindware that executes in…

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Two Words Women Love To Hear

I was speaking with a woman of considerable savviness in matters of male-female socializing. I wanted to know how to deal with a situation that required tip-toeing the line between candor and deceit. This is the advice she gave me.…

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Sexual Experience Is Overrated

For women, that is. Men can never have too much sexual experience.
The following conversation I had with Silverback in the City Zeets will explain why.
Zeets: I’m pretty sure she’s only been with one other guy her whole…

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Update: Miranda Kerr Follows My Advice Instead Of Her Own

A reader who requested anonymity sent me some background information on Miranda Kerr.

You probably don’t have many Aussie readers, since they would gleefully point out that Miranda doesn’t take her own advice.
This guy ripped off and lied to…

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Relationship Advice From A Supermodel

An Australian supermodel, Miranda Kerr, has put together a list of tips men should follow to keep their women happy and their relationships strong. (Article courtesy of reader J.N.)

Kerr revealed her top 10 romance tips to readers of,…

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Hilarious Interview With Mayor Of Johannesburg About Upcoming World Cup

See it here.
“If the public transport was any good would you use it?”
“Absolutely, absolutely.”
“So you admit that it’s not?”
It just gets worse better from there.
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Alicia Keys, John Legend Headline…

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Why Game Will Continue To Be Relevant

Reason One
Money is becoming less important as a male attractiveness criterion for women. Note that this doesn’t mean women don’t prefer richer men than themselves; what it means is that more women are making good money and thus the…

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Reader Mailbag: Flakes, Snakes and Alpha Male Tales

Email #1:

I am currently seeing a girl who I like to invite over to my place to have some fun.
She often follows through, but at the last minute she flakes or attempts to make changes to my plans.…

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Beta Or Herb?

A running theme on this blog is the frightful sight of herbs and betas performing slow motion self-emasculations. While the herb and the beta are closely related, there are some notable differences between them.
In this post, I defined the…

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The Most Beta Book Ever

Reader Mike sent me a media release for a book signing by a guy named James Henry (a name like that screams old-fashioned white knighter), who authored a book titled “The Laws of Love: A Guide to Gallantry“. Here is…

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Second Thoughts

Imagine you ignored everything you read here and proposed to your girlfriend. She accepted. Would you have second thoughts if you saw her Facebook page the next day and she had changed her profile photo to this? (hat tip: Lance…

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Beta Of The Month Contest

I had no intention of bringing back the Beta of the Month contest, but these three sad sacks were an irresistible draw. The audience demands it, pay-per-view wants it, and the suits are throwing money at the talent scouts —…

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Double Bagger

Zeets phoned in from the bowels of DC.
“They passed this law that puts a five cent fee on each bag you use at a store. The city’s already made something like $150K off it.”
“Leftie fascists.”
“So I’m standing…

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Play Rape

Reader Chad emails:

Why so many rape fantasies in women’s romance novels? How to take advantage of this female perversion without getting arrested?

It’s true. Romance novels, read almost entirely by women, are flush full of rape fantasies. If fantasy…

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Best Reader Comments

It’s commenter appreciation day, when I pay tribute to the love and joy that you, the readers, bring to this shadowy outpost. Consider today a respite from hateration and an embrace of loveration.
First, the best pulled from the files…

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The Ultimate Shit Test

Commenter Jcut wrote:

Roissy, I almost vomited watching this video today:
Let us all be aware our sinister enemies who lurk about, skulking in the distance.

Are feminist calls to embrace our inner girl just a giant, society-wide shit…

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Behold Diversity

The Democratic National Committee this morning released this clip of the president rallying the troops, if rather coolly, for 2010. Obama’s express goal: “reconnecting” with the voters who voted for the first time in 2008, but who may not plan…

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Sex Ratio, Redux

For those who are interested in a syncretism of competing sex ratio theories (an elite audience, I’m sure), Jason Malloy sent me an email responding to my ‘Sausage Fest‘ post, and responding indirectly to Peter Frost whose quote I used…

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Patronizing Women Turns Them On

Reader Camron emailed:

I’ve dated lots of women and one common thread I’ve noticed is around the 1st or 2nd date, about 3/4 into the date, if you haven’t said anything for a minute the woman will ask “What are…

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