Three Bad Arguments for Government Paid Leave

Bad Urban Design to Blame for Driverless Car Fatality

Meet the 2018 International #WomenofCourage

Putin’s New Term—From Brezhnev to Stalin

How Many Sessions Does it Take to Screw Up Good Policy?

Protectionists Agree: Steel and Aluminum Tariffs Will Leave Us Worse Off

This Blogpost Isn’t Authorized by the Supreme Court

Viewpoints: Can Congress Make A Deal, Prop Up Obamacare?; Trump’s Speech On Opioid Plans Hit New Lows

State Highlights: Over-Sedation Crisis In Kan. Nursing Homes Won’t Be Fixed By Proposed Regulations, Groups Say; Lead Poisonings Still Higher In Cleveland Children

Kansas Lawmakers Try To Tackle Issue Of Children’s Deaths While In State Custody

Viral Video Of Patient In Gown Found On Street Leads To Baltimore Hospital Being Cited By Federal Regulators

FDA Resumes Focus On Regulating Menthol, Tobacco Flavors That Attract Young People

Judge Temporarily Blocks Mississippi’s 15-Week Abortion Ban

Novartis Sales Reps To Testify They Plied Doctors With Meals, Booze In Exchange For Prescription Promises

Video Footage Emerges Of Theranos’ Mysterious Second-In-Command

Incoming AHIP President Wants To Focus On Affordability In Ever-Changing Health Landscape

Trump’s Plan To Use Death Penalty To Curb Opioid Epidemic Is Already Legal

First Edition: March 21, 2018

Reporter’s Notebook: The Tale Of Theranos And The Mysterious Fire Alarm

Clash Over Abortion Hobbles A Health Bill. Again. Here’s How.

Are There Risks From Secondhand Marijuana Smoke? Early Science Says Yes.

“Criminal Aliens” Commit Mostly Victimless Crimes, Few Violent Crimes

Research Misconduct Allegations Shadow Likely CDC Appointee

The Democratic Republic of Congo: A Forgotten Crisis

An Unhappy Anniversary for the Iraq War

“There’s No Fear of Being Caught”

Supreme Court, Over Thomas/Gorsuch Dissent, Passes Up Chance to Rein in Administrative State

Invalid When Made: The District Court’s Madden v. Midland Decision

Viewpoints: Reform Obamacare? GOP Is More Focused On Elections; Listen, Doctors: Opioid Crisis Cries Out For Trimming Prescriptions

State Highlights: Minnesota To Require Documentation After Open Enrollment; Texas Revises Special Education Plans Without Extra Funds

Teen Suicide Spiked By 70 Percent In Span Of Ten Years. What’s Going On?

Tennessee Lacks Legal Standing To Sue Over Medicaid Benefits For Refugees, Judge Rules

Remarkable Cancer Drugs Come With Fatal Side Effect For Some, And Researchers Don’t Know Why

Prominent GOP Senator Voices Support For Shulkin As Trump Mulls Possible Replacement

Swift Legal Action Follows In Wake Of Miss. Governor Signing 15-Week Abortion Ban

Supreme Court To Hear Arguments On If ‘Crisis Pregnancy Centers’ Should Be Required To Talk About Abortion Options

Abortion Continues To Jam Up Spending Bill Negotiations As Shutdown Deadline Ticks Ever Closer

Trump Talks Tough On Drug Traffickers, Immigrants, But Leaves Out Funding Details For New Opioid Plan

First Edition: March 20, 2018

Women In Medicine Shout #MeToo About Sexual Harassment At Work

Adults Skipping Vaccines May Miss Out On Effective New Shingles Shot

The Two Faces of Mohammed bin Salman

Congress Tackles The Opioid Epidemic. But How Much Will It Help?

Privatize Dulles and National Airports

Giving NAFTA Some Teeth

Wyden’s FOSTA Fix

The IRS Took the Road Less Traveled By, Yet Judges Still Made All the Deference

Yi Gang to Head China’s Central Bank

Trekking Through Parts Unknown: Women Couriers Today — Part II

Small Marijuana Growers Squeezed Out by Legalization and Regulation

Hospitalized Patients Are Civilian Casualties in the Government’s War on Opioids

Viewpoints: Just Say No To Using Death Penalty To Fight Opioid Crisis; Ways To Bail Out Obamacare Before More Lose Insurance

Different Takes: Voices Of Mothers Who Would Abort Because Of Down Syndrome; Focus On Health Risks And Outcomes, Not Ethics

State Highlights: Reports Increase On Inadequate Nursing Home Care In Pa.; Candidates In Illinois See Health As Winning Issue Against GOP Lawmaker

Maryland’s Ambitious Program To Cut And Control Health Care Costs Is Actually Paying Off

Red Tape And Bureaucratic Costs Of Medicaid Work Mandate Would Negate Savings, Minnesota Doctors Say

VA Report Included Clinic That Doesn’t Exist. Glaring Mistake Calls Into Question Quality Of Study

NIH Wooed Alcohol Industry To Foot Bill For Study That Could Show Benefits Of Daily Drinking

Indictments Announced In Federal Probe Into ‘Nationwide Conspiracy’ Over Opioid Marketing Tactics

Apps That Need Doctor’s Prescription Could Be Wave Of Future Or Just ‘Meaningless’ Rebranding

As Face Of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes Has Taken Brunt Of Censure. But What About Her Second-In-Command?

First Edition: March 19, 2018

Paying Hospitals To Keep People Out Of Hospitals? It Works In Maryland.

Docs Worry There’s ‘Nowhere To Send’ New And Expectant Moms With Depression

This Week at State: March 16, 2018

Economists Fail at Forecasting and Micromanaging

Local Taxes: Death by “Special Revitalization”

The Readout: A Conversation on the Role of the Diplomatic Security Service

Ominous Trends in China

With Some Republican Support, Virginia Edges Closer To Medicaid Expansion

A Problem With Pigouvian Taxes

Trekking Through Parts Unknown: Women Couriers and Their Predecessors — Part 1

Trump’s Gunboat Diplomacy Takes Aim at the Global Trading System

One Week Left To Get Exemptions from the Steel/Aluminum Tariffs

Viewpoints: Look To Idaho For Final Break From Obamacare; Trump, Concerned About Veterans’ Care? Then Keep Secretary Shulkin

Research Roundup: Payday Loans; Human Trafficking; And How Psychopaths See The World

State Highlights: Measles Warnings Issued In 3 States Due To Sickened Travelers; California Grapples With Cuts For Mental Health Services

Two Drug Crises Collide In Older Patients Being Prescribed Opioids While Hooked On Benzos

After Mass Shootings, ‘Why?’ Often Becomes The Most Important Question No One Can Answer

Families Fear ‘Last Chance To Have Babies May Be Gone’ After Losing Eggs In Fertility Clinic Failures

Beneath Virginia’s Medicaid Battle Is More Fundamental Fight Over Political Path Forward In Trump Era

Lawmakers Question Shulkin About Focus On Veterans’ Care Amid Squabbling, Scandal At VA

Bill Would Prohibit ‘Gag Clauses’ That Prevent Pharmacists From Telling Patients Of Best Payment Method

Supreme Court To Hear Free Speech Case Involving Abortion-Information Rules For Pregnancy Centers

First Edition: March 16, 2018


Bill Of The Month: For Toenail Fungus, A $1,500 Prescription

The Other Opioid Crisis: Hospital Shortages Lead To Patient Pain, Medical Errors

Ronald D. Rotunda, R.I.P.

Podcast: KHN’s ‘What The Health?’ Rocky Road Ahead In Congress For Insurance Market Bills

You Ought to Have a Look: Lukewarming the News

FDA Moves To Cut Nicotine In Cigarettes, Helping Smokers Kick Habit

A Somber Centennial—U.S. Health Diplomacy Aims to Prevent Repeat of Catastrophic Flu Pandemics

Todo lo que debes saber sobre la nueva tarjeta de Medicare… ¡para evitar fraudes!

Viewpoints: Time To Remove Misleading Cancer Warnings From Labels?; Bad Doctors Still Slip By Despite Reporting System

Longer Looks: Medicaid’s Troubled Future; Racism In Magazine Coverage; Alcoholism’s Effects On Writing

State Highlights: Hospice Nurses Endure Long Drives, Hours In Rural Texas; N.C. Children Unlawfully Taken From Homes

Ohio Law Banning Down Syndrome Abortions Blocked From Taking Effect

‘There’s No Question We Are In A Maternal Health Crisis’: Lawmakers, D.C. Officials Struggle To Figure Out Why

As Painkiller Pendulum Swings Toward Tighter Controls, Hospitals Cope With Lack Of Access To Opioids