Viewpoints: The Words That Can’t Be Said At The CDC; Health Care In The Age Of Mergers

State Highlights: Va. Gov. Proposes Budget Increase For Mental Health; La., Miss. And S.C. Lead The Nation In Flu Cases

California Errs On Side Of Caution With New Public Safety Guidelines For Cellphones

There’s A Definite Link Between Parents’ Age And Autism In Kids, But Reason Is A Little Less Clear

‘We Are Losing A Generation’: Cherokee Nation Fears Loss Of Identity As Opioid Crisis Decimates Tribe

The DEA Was Poised To Take Down Huge Corporation Tied To Opioid Crisis. So What Happened?

Medicaid Pulling Some Funding For Oklahoma Teaching Hospitals

Administration Blocking Two More Pregnant, Immigrant Girls From Getting Abortions, ACLU Says

As List Of Banned Words Sparks Firestorm, HHS Reiterates Support Of ‘Best Scientific Evidence’

CHIP Funding Languishing As Congress Dickers Over How To Pay For It

First Edition: December 18, 2017

Looking North: Can A Single-Payer Health System Work In The U.S.?

Top 5 Data Center Stories of the Week: Dec. 15, 2017

Oracle Falls Most in 3 Months as Cloud Sales Drag on Turnaround

Juniper Hands OpenContrail SDN to Linux Foundation Before It's Too Late

White House IT Modernization Plan Centers on Cybersecurity

This Week at State: December 15, 2017

Secretary Tillerson Addresses Growing Threat of North Korea

Podcast: ‘What The Health?’ Farewell, Individual Mandate

Viewpoints: The Clock Ticks Down On The ACA’s Open Enrollment; Medicare Cuts Could Blend Into Tax Bill

Research Roundup: Coverage And Access; #MeToo Movement In Medicine; And Hospitals

State Highlights: Theranos Settles With Arizona AG For $4.6M; Oregon Working Toward Rule Changes To Better Protect Mental Health Patients

#MeToo Movement Shines Light On Sexual Harassment In Medical Research Industry

Some Mental Health Providers Hesitant To Make Room In Already Crowded System For Drug Users

‘It’s Heartbreaking’: As Zika Babies Age, Devastating Health Effects Become More Clear

World’s Biggest Generic Drugmaker To Slash 14,000 Jobs, Close Some Facilities

Calif. Lawmaker Proposes Medicaid Cover Undocumented Immigrants

Telemedicine Could Be Impacted By FCC Repeal Of Net Neutrality Rules

CHIP Funding Morass: How Did Something Everyone Seems To Agree On Get To This Point?

First Edition: December 15, 2017

ObamaCare expected to suffer enrollment decline as Trump cuts timeframe

Medicare Fails To Recover Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars In Lab Overcharges

Good Deals For Some, Sticker Shock For Others As ACA Enrollment Winds Down

Listen: Collins Plays Let’s Make A Deal On ACA Mandate Repeal

IBM Taps Samsung, Daimler in Quantum Computer Push

U.S.-Mexico Strategic Dialogue on Disrupting Transnational Criminal Organizations

Women Warriors: Never Stop Learning – Ellen Rubin's Career Lessons

Data Center Managers, Expect Lots of Changes in 2018

As the Climate Changes, So Should Data Center Operations

Lower the Corporate Tax Rate As Much As We Can, While We Can

Ambassador Haley Highlights Iranian Threat to Peace and Security

All I Want for Christmas Is…Civilian Leadership of U.S. Foreign Policy

Explaining Commerce to the Commerce Secretary

Would a Chilean-style Fiscal Rule Work for the US?

All I Want For Christmas Is to Fight Just the Necessary Wars

All I Want for Christmas is the Travel Ban to End

Food Stamp Reform in 2018?

Where Employee Surveys on Burnout and Engagement Go Wrong

The Legal Risks of Monitoring Employees Online

Viewpoints: Handicapping The Health Law’s Future; ‘Tis The Season… For The Flu’

Longer Looks: The Future Of Pharma; Jimmy Kimmel On CHIP; And Presidential Health

State Highlights: D.C. Public Hospital To Permanently Shutter Nursery And Delivery Rooms; Fla. Hospitals Seek More Funding To Combat Doctor Shortage

Ohio Governor Likely To Sign Bill Banning Down Syndrome Abortions Following Passage In Legislature

Could Success Of Personalized Medicine Lend Itself To Precision Public Health Care?

Teenagers’ Smoking, Drug Abuse And Drinking At Lowest Levels Seen In Decades

Mother’s Close Proximity To Fracking Sites Linked To Risk For Having Underweight Baby

To Buy Time After Overdose Patient Is Released From Hospital; Some States Mull Involuntary Rehab As An Answer

Biden Comforts McCain’s Daughter Over Her Father’s Brain Cancer Diagnosis

Nominee For EPA Chemical Safety Position Bows Out After Criticism Over Ties To Industry

Too Many Americans Suffer from Financial Instability. Their Employers Can Help Fix It

Is M&A the Cure for a Failing Health Care System?

Seven New NFS Capabilities

Civil Works Accident Brings Down Two Manchester Data Centers

Pentagon's Cloud Transition Under Hush Order From Weapons Buyer

All I Want for Christmas…Is a BRAC

Secretary Tillerson Addresses Foreign Policy Challenges at Atlantic Council Forum

Vapor IO Designs a New Edge Computing Architecture

If You Aspire to Be a Great Leader, Be Present

The Real Reasons Companies Are So Focused on the Short Term

Fear Compromises The Health, Well-Being Of Immigrant Families, Report Finds

How Machine Learning Can Help Identify Cyber Vulnerabilities

To Walk the Earth in Safety: New U.S. Government Report Showcases U.S. Global Leadership in Landmine Clearance and Conventional Weapons Destruction

Viewpoints: Congress Helped Create Opioid Crisis; Thoughts On Assisted Suicide

Parsing The Policies: Undoing The Individual Mandate; Medicare, Medicaid Cuts Are On The Horizon

Perspectives: With Federal Government Stalled Over Drug Prices, States Should Be Allowed To Act

A Pill To Knock Out Hookworm Costs 10,000 Times More In U.S. Than In Tanzania

State Highlights: In Ga., Blue-Ribbon Panel Urges More Kids’ Mental Health Services; Mass. Watchdog Agency Launches Review Of Planned Hospital Mega-Merger

Massachusetts Ranks As Healthiest State, While Mississippi Clocks In At The Bottom

‘Fantastically Promising’ Trial For Drug To Treat Huntington’s Giving Hope To Formerly Hopeless

There’s No HIV Cure Yet, But With Each Promising Case, Scientists Become More Excited

‘This Isn’t A Wave. It’s A Tsunami’: Opioid Epidemic Creating Flood Of Kids Into Foster System

Case Study: Should a Hotel Giant Eliminate Some Brands and Refocus?

Justice Department Tackles Rule By Guidance Letter

What It Takes to Become a Great Product Manager

Planning for High-Speed Data Center Migration

AWS Announces New China Region, but AWS Isn’t the Provider

One in a Billion Chance a Year of Being Killed by a Chain Immigrant in a Terror Attack

Facebook to Build Two More Massive Data Centers in Oregon

IBM Designs a “Performance Beast” for AI

Muslim Ban? Fewer Muslim Refugees, Immigrants, and Travelers Enter U.S. in 2017

Estate Tax Lobbying

Atos Bids $5.1 Billion for Gemalto to Form French Tech Giant

How Technology Tests Our Trust

Global Science Report: Another Indication of Lukewarming

Wishes for a Blessed and Happy Hanukkah

Meetings Would Go Faster If People Took the Time to Listen

What Would You Pay to Keep Your Digital Footprint 100% Private?

There’s a Gender Gap in Internet Usage. Closing It Would Open Up Opportunities for Everyone

What Small Businesses Stand to Lose in a Net Neutrality Rollback

Five Best Practices for Improving Network Uptime in 2018