Best Reads Of The Week With Brianna Labuskes

Counterterrorism Spending

Viewpoints: Many Oppose Right-To-Try Drug Law For All The Right Reasons; Where’s The Cure For Runaway Drug Prices? Not In Trump’s Plan.

Research Roundup: Medicaid Work Requirements; 340B Program; And Title X Funding

State Highlights: McCaskill Requests Federal Probe Of ‘Potentially Fraudulent’ Billing At Missouri Hospital; Texas Law Tests DNR Wishes

USC’s Board Of Trustees Feeling The Heat After Supporting University’s President Amid Gynecologist Controversy

Differences Between Aftermath Of Parkland And Santa Fe Shootings Highlight A Country Divided

Another Jury Rules Against Johnson & Johnson In Latest Lawsuit Tied To Safety Of Company’s Talc-Based Powder

Despite Fertility Apps’ Rising Popularity, Critics Say They’re Just A Fancy Twist On Decades-Old Rhythm Method

Vets Seek To Change Hiring Practices That Allow Discrimination For Less-Than-Honorable Discharges

In Era Where Overdoses Are Treated As Homicides, It’s Not Just Dealers Who Prosecutors Are Going After

Medicaid Expansion Proposal Takes One Step Closer To Getting On Ballot In Idaho

First Edition: May 25, 2018

[email protected] Presents — A Walk to Remember: Commemorating Memorial Day

California Hospitals Urge Moms To Favor Breast Milk Over Formula

Convicted of Violating a Law that Does Not Exist

Podcast: KHN’s ‘What The Health?’ Campaign Promises Kept, Plus ‘Nerd Reports’

For Lower Gas Prices, Scrap the Jones Act

Alexandria, Virginia Gets Housing Affordability Wrong

The Phillips Curve Is Dead (except in Federal Reserve and CBO models)

Pfizer Settles Kickback Case Related To Copay Assistance For $24M

Government Claims It Has “Extensive” Analysis Backing the Travel Ban—It’s Not True

Immigrant Welfare Consumption: A Response to Richwine

Free Trade Is Good for Both Americans and Non-Americans

That Time When They Censored Fahrenheit 451

In Memoriam: Diplomatic Couriers Who Have Made The Ultimate Sacrifice

Perspectives: Parents Shouldn’t Leave The Gun Protests Just To The Students

Viewpoints: Trump’s Fearless Pro-Life Promises Leap Ahead Of Past Presidents; Ignore Platitudes About Work Requirements

Longer Looks: A Pioneering Heart Surgeon; Psychedelic Drugs; Tech Addiction

State Highlights: Court Upholds Ruling Against California Aid-In-Dying Law; Oregon Fights High Hep C Mortality Rate With New Treatment Model

Research On Children ‘Growing Out’ Of Gender Dysphoria Adds Layer Of Complexity To Transgender Care

To Help Smokers Kick The Habit, Money Outperforms E-Cigs, Nicotine Patches

Lung Cancer Rates Are Now Higher In Women Than Men And Experts Aren’t Sure Why

Following School Shooting, Texas May Consider ‘Red Flag’ Law For Guns

If Ebola Spreads ‘We Will Take Further Actions,’ HHS Secretary Vows

U.S. Life Expectancy Expected To Drop For Third Straight Year As Heart Disease Improvements Plateau

First Edition: May 24, 2018

‘Time’s Up’: Covered California Takes Aim At Hospital C-Section Rates

Now More Of Us Can Count On More Time Dodging The Dementia Bullet

Trump Officials: We Want to “Enforce the Laws” But Only Certain Ones

Watch: What’s In The White House Plan To Lower Drug Prices

Show Me the (Education) Money, Finale!

Farm Bill Flop

While Politicians Cut Opioid Prescriptions, Fentanyl—With Help From the “Dark Web” and the USPS— Becomes the Number One Killer

Viewpoints: Progress On Right-To-Try Bill Gives Hope To Patients, Doctors; Remind Us, Please: Why Lose Focus On International Diseases?

Different Takes: Enough Of Thoughts and Prayers On Gun Violence; Mental Health Care Curriculum Desperately Needed

Perspectives: Getting Generics To Market Faster Will Help Drug Prices, But Is Public Shaming The Way To Go?

‘I Just Took My Chances And I’m Hoping That It’s Safe’: Desperate Patients Turn To Black Market For Lower Cost Drugs

State Highlights: NYC Health System Aims To Recoup $11.5M In Denied Claims From UnitedHealthcare; Health System In Md. Warns 500,000 Patients Of Data Breach

Don’t Swap Your Sunscreen Lotion For Pills, FDA Warns

Ebola Vaccine Faces Real-Time Effectiveness Test With The World Watching

Financial Toll Of Cancer Weighs Heavily On Patients Who Have To Decide What Treatment They Can Afford

As Involuntary Rehab Rates Rise In Midst Of Crisis, Doctors Warn That The Practice Usually Doesn’t Work

Virginia Democrats Walk Back From ‘Nuclear’ Threat As State Senate Delays Medicaid Expansion Debate

Fighting Malnutrition Through Diversified Diets

First Edition: May 23, 2018

Drugmakers Blamed For Blocking Generics Have Milked Prices And Cost U.S. Billions

Insurer Slashes Breast Pump Payments, Stoking Fears Fewer Moms Will Breastfeed

Mandatory E-Verify will Increase Identity Theft

Epic Systems v. Lewis: It’s OK To Calm Down About Arbitration

Chicago Police Don’t Need Facial Recognition Drones

How Jailing Drug Users Increases Opioid Overdoses

Viewpoints: Public Health Lessons From Ending Our Smoking Culture

Different Takes: Title X Proposal Jeopardizes Women’s Health Care; Trump’s Plan Exposes Planned Parenthood Lies

State Highlights: California’s AG Suggests Filing Lawsuit To Defend Abortion Services; Elder Care Advocates Cite ‘Train Wreck’ As Minnesota Reforms Come Up Short

Aid-In-Dying Law Falls Within Scope Of Improving Californians’ Health, AG Argues In Appeal Of Judge’s Decision

Hospital Team That Handled Las Vegas Shooting Imparts Hard-Earned Wisdom To Others

Can We Live Forever? One Scientist Has Devoted Much Of Her Life To Extending Humans’ Years On Earth

Lack Of Cohesive National Health Records Database Stymies Cancer Research

Chinese Hospital Told Woman She Had To Pay Charges Before She Was Allowed To See Her Twin Babies

Is New York City Ready For Supervised Injection Sites For Heroin Users?

EHR Vendor Epic Nets Supreme Court Victory In Workers’ Arbitration Case

Reshaping His ‘American Dream’ – DSS Special Agent Reflects During Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month

First Edition: May 22, 2018

Are You And Your Primary Care Doc Ready To Talk About Your DNA?

Trump’s Trade Policy is a Disaster, But Postponing the China Trade War Was Smart

Original Meaning Should Decide Arbitration Act Case on Independent Contractors

After the Deal: A New Iran Strategy

The Case for Neglecting Transit

Keep Calm and Summit On

Richard Pipes on Property as an Institution

Perspectives: Shortages Of Opioids Will Be Harmful To Terminally Ill Patients; Treat Addiction Like Any Other Life-Threatening Disease

Parsing Policy: For States, It’s Time To Step Up And Protect The ACA; Don’t Fall For Spurious Claims About Medicare For All

Viewpoints: Trump’s Move To Defund Planned Parenthood Harms Women; End ‘Shenanigans’, Find Lower Drug Prices With Generics

State Highlights: Virginia Gov. Vetoes ‘Counterproductive’ Health Care Bills; Details Lacking As Iowa Reports Savings For Privatized Medicaid

Future Of Medical Marijuana Remains Uncertain In Missouri As Bill Dies In Committee

Concerns Rise As California Hospitals Provide Few Details Following Crash Of Information System

Incoming NRA Chief Blames School Shootings On ‘Youngsters Who Are Steeped In A Culture Of Violence’

‘Watch And Wait’ Is Tough For Cancer Patients But More Are Opting For Treatment Option, Study Finds

Netflix Series ’13 Reasons Why’ Returns But With New Emphasis On Suicide Prevention Efforts

Among Surgery’s Potential Complications For Older Patients: Cognitive Losses

The Sugar Swamp Remains Undrained

First Edition: May 21, 2018

When Is Insurance Not Really Insurance? When You Need Pricey Dental Care.

Trump Proposes Cutting Planned Parenthood Funds. What Does That Mean?

This Week at State: May 18, 2018

TSA Still Awful After 17 Years

Show Me the (Education) Money, Part IV!

ICE Scraps Plans For “Extreme Vetting” Prediction Tech

Trump Nominates Acting VA Secretary To Lead Troubled Agency